17 Weird (But True) Celebrity Health Insurance Policies You Won’t Believe


Doctors and nurses for the stars come in contact with some pretty outrageous actions. It’s crazy the things that celebrities will do — and this includes insuring different body parts. Health insurance for celebrities is about more than just keeping a star healthy; it’s also about making sure that the “assets” that make them stars are actually protected. You don’t have to be a health care professional to know that if some aspects of a celebrity are more important than others. Here are 17 celebrity insurance policies that are a little difficult to believe:

  1. Marilyn Monroe: One of the most celebrated actresses ever, Marilyn Monroe led a life fraught with addiction to drugs. As a result, film studios purchased insurance on her. The idea was that if Monroe’s drug use interfered with filming schedules, or if something else happened to cost the studios as a result of her drug use, then studios would be compensated for the losses. The precedent made it possible for Robert Downey, Jr. to be insured during his run on Ally McBeal.
  2. Ben Turpin: The first celebrity to insure a body part was Ben Turpin. Turpin was a silent film actor famous for an interesting feature: his crossed eyes. He was famous as a vaudeville comedian, for working in burlesque, and even for performing in circuses. Turpin’s crossed eyes opened so many doors for him that he thought it might be fun to insure his famous eyes. So he took out an insurance policy, as a sort of gag, for $25,000 from Lloyd’s of London. While no one knows whether he meant it seriously, the policy was real.
  3. Dolly Parton: Everyone knows that this songstress and actress gets attention for her large breasts in addition to her talents. Indeed, Dolly Parton considers them an asset as well, recognizing that they have probably helped her get a little more publicity. Her augmented breasts are insured for $600,000. That’s $300,000 apiece! She may not be as active in the singing and acting areas, but she is still concerned about her image as she goes about doing good with her philanthropy efforts.
  4. Tom Jones: The crooner Tom Jones is known for his flamboyant style — and his chest hair. Indeed, his chest hair is one of the most noticeable, and famous, things about Jones. Indeed, Jones is so attached to his chest hair, and considers such an important part of his success (and his sex appeal), that he has had it insured for $7 million. That way, if something happens, and Jones no longer has chest hair, he can still afford a good lifestyle, since he will get quite the payout. Shaving the hair, though, is probably not covered.
  5. Merv Hughes: Speaking of body hair, Tom Jones is not the only celebrity concerned about his lush body hair. Merv Hughes is a famous former cricket player. But would he get the kind of attention he has garnered around the world if he didn’t have such a magnificent mustache? The Aussie cricketer has a a rather distinctive mustache, thick and full. In order to protect the mustache, not to mention preserve one of his most valuable assets, Hughes has reportedly insured it for $370,000.
  6. America Ferrera: The star of the TV show Ugly Betty is far from ugly — at least when it comes to her smile. America Ferrera is known for dazzling white smile and straight teeth. While she was a spokesperson for Aquafresh’s White Trays, the company insured her smile for $10 million. That’s a lot of money riding on one smile. But Aquafresh wanted to make sure her smile continued to dazzle, and the insurance covered work that had to be done to keep that smile in great condition.
  7. David Lee Roth: One of the lead singers of Van Halen, David Lee Roth was extremely proud of his virility. And he wasn’t shy about sharing a little of himself with groupies. However, he was concerned about what might happen if some of those groupies ended up pregnant? Or claiming to be pregnant with his child. In order to protect himself against paternity suits, David Lee Roth had his sperm insured so that he wouldn’t have to bear all the costs of an unfortunate coupling.
  8. Bruce Springsteen: “The Boss” was well known for the famous picture of his jean-clad backside on one of his album covers. However, Bruce Springsteen wasn’t too concerned about protecting his posterior. Rather, he was more worried about his famous and distinctive voice. So Springsteen insured his voice for a reported $6 million. He’s not the only celebrity to insure his voice, though. Marlene Dietrich insured voice, and Rod Stewart has also insured his voice.
  9. Bette Davis: Among Bette Davis‘ most recognized features were her eyes. Her smoky look and alluring eyes were known throughout the country during her acting career. However, Davis didn’t insure her eyes. Instead, she insured her figure. Davis was so concerned that she would lose her beautiful figure that she had herself insured against weight gain — to the tune of $28,000. That way, if she did lose her figure, at least she would still be compensated for it, having a little money to perhaps help her lose the weight later.
  10. Jimmy Durante: One of the most popular personalities in America, especially during the Jazz Age, was Jimmy Durante. He was a pianist and comedian, but Durante’s real claim to fame was his huge and distinctive nose. He called it his “Schnozzola“, and people recognized it wherever he went. Because Durante was so fond of his nose — and the success it brought to him — he had it insured for $50,000, looking for a payout if something untoward ever happened to it.
  11. Gene Simmons: The bass guitar and vocalist of Kiss is well known for his antics. And his tongue is just as well known as he is. Indeed, Gene Simmons‘ long tongue is seen as a trademark of the rock band. As a result, it is little surprise that he had it insured.


Among the most insured body parts, when it comes to celebrities, are legs. You might be surprised at the celebrities who want to ensure the health of their legs.

  1. Fred Astaire: The actor who wowed many with his fine dance skills knew that his legs were valuable. He was considered handsome, but part of his charm was his lovely dancing. As a result, Fred Astaire had his legs insured for $75,000 each. But Astaire didn’t stop at insuring his legs. He also decided to take $20,000 in coverage on his wrists and arms. Clearly, he wanted to make sure that he still received some compensation, even if his body failed him and he was unable to dance.
  2. Heidi Klum: The super model and actress knows that she has great legs. Her legs are a vital part of her career, since the long gams are a big reason that she is sought after as a model. As a result Heidi Klum once insured her legs for $2.2 million. Interestingly, though, her legs are not insured by an equal amount. One leg is insured for $1.2 million, and the other for $1 million. Why does Klum think that one leg is less deserving than the other? One of her legs apparently has a scar on it.
  3. David Beckham: International soccer star David Beckham makes a living off his legs and feet. His fancy footwork has helped him be recognized as one of the best soccer players in the world. He gets paid quite a bit as a professional player. As a result, he knows how important it is that he protect himself in the event that something happens to his legs. As a result, his legs and feet are insured for $70 million — even though he has had surgery on his Achilles tendon.
  4. Michael Flatley: Another famous man who knows the worth of a good pair of legs is Michael Flatley. Known for his role as the star and choreographer of Lord of the Dance, Flatley uses his legs all the time to wow his audiences with his take on Irish step dancing. But he performs with gusto, and anything could happen to his legs and feet. In order to protect himself in the event of some sort of accident or injury, Flatley has insured his legs and feet, ensuring that he will be compensated in the event that he can’t dance anymore.
  5. Betty Grable: The first person to actually get their legs insured was Betty Grable. Grable was known as the number one pinup of the World War II era (her bathing suit picture is iconic), and she was also praised as having the most beautiful legs in Hollywood. Indeed, a number of knowledgeable hosiery specialists touted her legs as having perfect proportions. They were dubbed “Million Dollar Legs,” and lived up to that name when Grable’s studio insured her legs for $1 million.
  6. Mariah Carey: We’ve seen how some legs can be Million Dollar Legs, but what about Billion Dollar Legs? Mariah Carey showed us that it is possible to have billion dollar legs. After being presented with the “Legs Of A Goddess” distinction from razor company Gillette, Carey reportedly took out an insurance policy on her legs for $1 billion. Touring can be tough on a body, but if Carey’s legs are pulled from under her, she will still have something to sing about.
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