25 Twitter Accounts Every Nurse Practioner Should Follow



Creating a Twitter account and reading Twitter feeds has never been easier, with the creation of Twitter lists and the addition of a third-party site, Listorious. You can find lists of institutions and organizations, other individuals and peers who can help you manage your day-to-day issues, or even those who can answer your questions. Additionally, the addition of lists is a great marketing tool for any Nurse Practitioner.

Listorious allows you to read many Twitter lists through your Twitter account. Additionally, you can create your own lists that allow you to stay on top of specific Twitter accounts easily. Anyone can curate and publish lists, so if you have an idea for one, just click “New list” in the sidebar of your Twitter account and you’re on your way. Add accounts to a list using the “Lists” drop drown on a profile page.

To help get your feet wet with Twitter lists, we’ve developed a list of 25 Twitter accounts that every NP should follow by using the new Listorious Web site. The list below is categorized by institutions and organizations, business leaders and other nurse practitioners, and each link leads to the appropriate Twitter account.

All Twitter accounts on this list are arranged alphabetically within their categories. The Twitter accounts also are active, and have been updated within the past week.

Institutions and Organizations

Harvard Medical School

This short list of healthcare institutions and organizations represents the tip of the iceberg. These institutions are geared toward helping healthcare workers and nurse practitioners, or offering advice, education, information, and career information. When you search for organizations at Listorious, use specific keywords and keyword phrases such as “HIT” or “healthcare information technology” to find more precise results for any given topic.

  1. ACNPConference: The ACNP National Clinical Conference is a national, non-profit membership organization whose mission is to ensure a solid policy and regulatory foundation that enables Nurse Practitioners to continue providing accessible, high quality healthcare to the nation. The link leads to their Twitter account, and you also can view the ANCP Web site.
  2. CDC_eHealth: This Twitter account, which belongs to the Centers for Disease Control, is focused on eHealth marketing and interactive media projects.
  3. CDCFlu: The Centers for Disease Control provides flu updates on this Twitter feed.
  4. HarvardHealth: Updates and news items from an authoritative health resource, drawing on the expertise of 8,000 faculty physicians at Harvard Medical School and its world-famous affiliated hospitals.
  5. Health_Affairs: This Twitter account is the voice of the policy journal of the ‘healthsphere,’ Health Affairs.
  6. HIMSS: This Twitter account belongs to the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, representing EMRs, HIT, Standards and Interoperability.
  7. JohnsHopkins: This is the official Twitter account for Johns Hopkins University for research, medicine, engineering, nursing, public health and more.
  8. modrnhealthcr: This Twitter account is representative of the site, ModernHealthcare.com.
  9. NIMHgov: National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) is the largest scientific organization, in the world, dedicated to mental health research.

Learning from Others


RNs, NP business consultants, and feeds abound, so we gathered a few of those Twitter accounts here just to provide a small example of what you can find on Twitter. Each person listed below is geared toward different areas of expertise.

  1. ehrandhit: This is a feed Twitter that taps into the “best” of EMR, EHR and HIT related content.
  2. ElderCareRN: If you’re interested in eldercare (geriatrics), follow Shelley Webb. She is an RN, a writer and caregiver who offers education, encouragement and empowerment to caregivers of the elderly.
  3. Nerdnurse: Carole Eldridge, DNP, is a college dean who embraces nursing, technology, health, online education, developing people and empowering everyone.
  4. not_ratched: This nurse is a geek who loves technology, and her Tweets reflect her interests in medical stuff, Macs, iPhones and productivity — among other topics. You also can follow her at her Not Nurse Ratched blog.
  5. SafetyNurse: This “nurse with an engineer’s mind” Tweets about workplace safety and other issues that affect all nurses.
  6. SarahStewart: Sarah is a health professional, educator, consultant, facilitator, project manager, midwife, researcher who is interested in e-learning & Web 2.0. She resides in New Zealand.

Other Nurse Practitioners

If you want to meet other NPs to learn, to network, or to socialize, Twitter provides a number of peer accounts for you to follow. You might note that all these Twitter accounts have links that lead to webites or blogs; this list is no different. You can learn more about each NP through their Web content. Each NP has different interests that range from raising sheep to kayaking.

  1. StephenNP: Stephen is a family nurse practitioner in NY who has a lot of experience with not only the nurse practitioner field, but also college, retail, and occupational and men’s health.
  2. barbaraphillips: If you want to eventually own your own business, you might want to follow Barbara Phillips. She is a Nurse Practitioner, practice owner, NP business coach and health coach, as well as the founder of NPBO (Nurse Practitioner Business Owner).
  3. candydye: Candy is a Nurse Practitioner, health and wellness enthusiast, wife and mom. She also is a Apriori Beauty Founding Independent Consultant.
  4. HEARTSTRONG1: This Twitterer is a Nurse Practitioner who specializes in health and wellness, and who is interested in fitness, marketing, speaking and publishing.
  5. HeckmanMedical: Vanessa is a certified legal nurse consultant and a certified family NP and wound care specialist.
  6. JohnettaMiner: Johnetta is an NP, health wellness coach, integrative medicine practice owner and business coach. She coaches helath practitioners and business owners on how to incorporate integrative care and HIT into practices.
  7. onlinenursing: Terri Schmitt stays busy spreading the word about how Nursing can change Health Care. She is on faculty, is a NP and a student.
  8. RoRod101: Rosita is a healthcare professional (RN, Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Educator, and Doctor of Nursing Practice student).
  9. suzishepherd: Suzanne is a neonatal NP, a published author and a shepherd of real sheep. Literally — sheep as in “baa.”
  10. trempy: Laura is a Nurse Practitioner, mom, kayaker, Rotarian and Veteran Former Army Officer who is interested in free clinics and EMR. She also loves Airedales, Rutgers and is a UNC graduate.
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