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50 YouTube Videos About Nurse Practitioners Worth Watching – Online FNP Blog
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50 YouTube Videos About Nurse Practitioners Worth Watching


If you are looking for a rewarding career, you might consider becoming a nurse practitioner. Nurse practitioners generally have more education, and a more rigorous program of study than registered nurses, who cannot prescribe medications and diagnose disease. Nurse practitioners can do this — and in some cases without having to be under a doctor’s supervision.

A career as a family nurse practitioner can provide you with a challenging and rewarding career that is also flexible. If you are interested in learning more about nurse practitioners, you can watch these 50 great videos that contain insight on the career:

Nurse Practitioner Career Basics

Learn more about what it takes to become a nurse practitioner, and some of the expectations you should have as you pursue a NP career.

  1. How to Get Medical Jobs: How to Become a Nurse Practitioner: This helpful video provides a look at what you need to do in order to become a NP.
  2. Nurse Practitioner: Start Your Own Practice: Helpful hints on how you can start an independent NP practice — depending on what state you are in.
  3. Nurse Practitioner Practice Startup: Another look at how you can start your own NP practice.
  4. Career Highlights: Nurse Practitioner: A look at some of the career essentials of being a nurse practitioner.
  5. Nurse Practitioner: Covers the basics associated with being a NP. Be sure to watch the second part as well.
  6. Nurse Practitioner Programs, Salary and Career: The Ultimate Guide: Learn more about becoming a NP.
  7. Practical Practice: NP Care in North Caro: A look at some of the practical issues related to NPs.
  8. Nurse Practitioners – News of Health: A look at what NPs are all about.
  9. Kim Edson, N.P.: A look at one nurse practitioner’s story and how she became a NP.
  10. Nurse Career Information: Nurse Salary: Get an idea of how much you can make as a NP, as compared to other nurses.
  11. National Medical Report: A look at the place that nurse practitioners have in U.S. health care.
  12. What Is A Nurse Practitioner: An overview of the role of a Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner (NP-PHC).
  13. Focus on Health: Collaborative Practice: Considers how doctors and NPs can offer joint help.
  14. Nurse Practitioner: A look at NPs as primary care givers.
  15. Health Care Perspectives: A look at health care issues from the point of view of a nurse practitioner.
  16. Nurse Practitioners Receiving Reimbursement as Primary Care Providers: A look at possibly recognize NPs as primary care providers.
  17. Advanced Nurse Practitioners: A look at those who are advanced in nurse practice.
  18. Can a Nurse Practitioner bill for a new patient?: A look at the rules related to billing as a NP.

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and Nurse Midwives

Find out about a rewarding nurse practitioner specialty working with children. Pediatric nurse practitioners enjoy some uniquely rewarding moments. Nurse midwives also have specific duties that can be interesting and rewarding.

  1. Mary Giraldi – Pediatric Nurse Practitioner at Olson Huff Center: A look at one NP’s experience with a pediatric specialty.
  2. Pediatric Nurse Practitioner: Learn about some of the basics of a pediatric specialty.
  3. Monica Smith – Pediatric Nurse Practitioner: Find out more about this experience as a NP, and childhood obesity.
  4. Jodi Yaver – Pediatric Nurse Practitioner in Child Medical Evaluation Clinic: A look at child evaluation as a NP.
  5. How to Get Medical Jobs: How to Become a Midwife: A look at becoming a midwife.
  6. Pregnancy Tips: How to Become a Nurse Midwife: How you can become a nurse midwife.
  7. Nurse Midwife: A look at what it’s like to be a nurse midwife.
  8. Sherri Ruerup, NCM, discusses nurse-midwifery: What it takes to be a nurse midwife.
  9. Certified Nurse Midwife Presentation: An overview of nurse midwifery.

Other Nurse Practitioner Specialties

Here are some insights into other specialties that a nurse practitioner can study. Learn more about what you can do as a NP.

  1. What is the PHCNP Program?: Overview of the Ontario Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner Program through the Council of Ontario University Programs in Nursing.
  2. Emergency Nurse Practictioner: A look at working in an emergency department as a NP.
  3. Thoracic Oncology: UMGCC Nurse Practitioner: A NP specializing in cancer.
  4. How does a nurse practitioner take care of their patients?: Describes how NPs take care of patients in an oncology specialty.
  5. Adult Nurse Practitioner: Find out about being an adult nurse practitioner.
  6. Holistic Natural Nurse Practitioner Rebecca: A look at holistic health from a nurse practitioner.
  7. Hepatology Nurse Practitioner: A look at hepatology NPs.
  8. Infusion Therapy Center: UMGCC Nurse Practitioner: Another cancer nurse practitioner talks about what she does.
  9. Laser Facial by Nurse Practitioner Lisa Williams: Watch a NP provide a look at a skin specialty.
  10. Nurse Practitioner Brown on Heart Screenings: Information from a heart specialist NP.
  11. Diabetes Symptoms & Treatments: How to Know If You Have Diabetes: A nurse practitioner fulfills her role as an educator about diabetes.
  12. Nurse practitioner honored as Health Care Hero: Profile of a NP with a urology specialty.
  13. Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant Careers in Sleep Medicine: How NPs can become involved in sleep medicine.
  14. Adult Acute Care Nursing Practitioner: A look at the qualities that someone who wants to work in acute adult care need to have.
  15. Providing Quality Care in Critical Care: Addresses the need for nurse practitioners in critical care departments.
  16. Eileen Bourret, Nurse Practitioner, Seniors’ Health Service: Information from a senior specialist NP about living better while aging.

Nurse Practitioner Programs

These videos focus on specific education programs that NPs can attend to hone their craft and receive certification. Use these to help you decide where to go.

  1. Introducing CUNY’s First Family Nurse Practitioner Master’s Program: City University’s family nurse practitioner program.
  2. College of Nursing — Family Nurse Practitioner Program: A look at GCU’s FNP program.
  3. Columbia University School of Nursing: Overview of the NP program for acute care at Columbia.
  4. Defining the Future – Advanced Practice Nursing at the WVU School of Nursing: Learn more about the WVU school of nursing, and how you can become a NP or other advanced practice nurse degree.
  5. Nurse Practitioner Programs, Health Care: A look at different program opportunities to become a nurse practitioner.
  6. Become a nurse practitioner now: A look at resources that can help you become a NP.
  7. Family Nurse Practitioner Director: Learn about this specialty program at the University of Cincinnati.
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