Top 40 Family Nurse Practitioner Blogs


Nurse practitioners are those who have gone beyond regular nursing requirements. Their advanced training and education allows them to diagnose medical conditions, as well as prescribe medications. Nurse practitioners can provide some of the services that we often associate with doctors. If you are interested in learning more about nurse practitioners, or in learning about how to be a more effective nurse practitioner, these top 40 family nurse practitioner blogs are great resources of information about the field.

General Nurse Practitioner Blogs

These are blogs written by general nurse practitioners who have an ear to the ground about what’s going on in the world of nursing and health care.

  1. A Nurse Practitioner’s View: Looks at current issues in nursing and health care, and also addresses different health practices.
  2. New NP: Get an idea of what life is like when it comes to being a brand new nurse practitioner. Also considers different health issues.
  3. The Beast…: This NP’s husband died of a rare form of cancer. As a result, her blog looks at treating and living with cancer — and loved ones with cancer.
  4. The Nervewracking Nurse Practitioner: Get health tips and ideas from this NP focusing on health care help and diet and exercise tips.
  5. The Nurse Practitioner’s Place: Get news, information and helpful hints on being a nurse practitioner. Also read interviews with NPs.
  6. GrumpyRN: Life as a nurse practitioner with a British NHS twist. Find out about nursing as a profession, and issues facing nurse practitioners.
  7. Thinking Outside the Breadbox: This is a blog written by a nurse practitioner, and focusing on healthy nutrition for those a glucose intolerance.
  8. High Plains Practitioner: Follow the adventures of this military NP as she fights for the country and helps keep troops healthy.
  9. Advancing the Feminine Spirit in China: This blog is written by a nurse practitioner living in China. She specializes in women’s health and care issues.
  10. Divorced Mom, Rural NP, Reluctant GF & Chef: Learn about life as a single mother practicing in a rural health clinic. An interesting look at life in an unusual situation.
  11. Solve the Problem: This NP blogs about different issues related to health and even helps with diagnosis.
  12. crzegrl, flight nurse: This NP is a paramedic and Army Reserve commander. Read about her adventures, and get interesting insights into travel nursing.

Nurse Practitioner Career Blogs

Learn about how you can advance your career as a nurse practitioner, and get helpful hints for the workplace.

  1. MyNursingUniforms Blog: Addresses work issues for nurse practitioners, as well as provides a place to buy discount nursing scrubs.
  2. Hands for Catching: This blog is about training to be a nurse midwife. Learn about what it takes to become certified as a nurse midwife.
  3. Nurse Practitioner Business Owner Blog: Learn about what it takes to set up your own NP practice, and get helpful tips for getting it all done.
  4. NP Practice Owners: A great blog devoted to helping NP practice owners conduct business more efficiently, and serve their patients better.
  5. Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Jobs: If you are interested in working with children as a NP, you can use this blog as a starting point when it comes to finding good jobs.
  6. Nursing Career Blog: Learn more about nursing, nursing career moves and get some leads for jobs.
  7. Jennosaurus Rex: Learn about what it’s like to be a nurse on your way to becoming a NP. Follow Jen’s exploits as she attempts to go above and beyond.
  8. Advanced Clinical Consultant’s Blog: This nurse practitioner offers information on being a NP, as well as consultations on how you can start your own practice.

Nurse Practitioner Resources

These blogs provide a range of useful resources and helpful hints that can help nurse practitioners as they work through different cases.

  1. Nurse Practitioner Clinical Notes: Access to different resources and helpful hints for NPs.
  2. Clinical Cases and Images: A great resource for NPs looking into different medical cases and helpful diagnosis hints.
  3. Cases Blog: Another helpful blog featuring postings that can provide helpful information and images about different medical cases.
  4. UCSF School of Nursing: Offers a number of posts, information and guides on being a nurse practitioner, and finding schools that can help you.
  5. Nursing Care Plan: This blog provides helpful access to nursing care plan ideas to help you better treat your patients.
  6. Nursing Crib: Another helpful blog full of interesting plans and helpful resources when it comes to being a successful NP.
  7. Frontier Psychiatrist: This blog is not by a nurse practitioner, but it offers helpful insight for those interested in helping patients with mental illness.
  8. Nursing Voices: Get help from other nurses, and join in community efforts. Nurse practitioners are also on hand.
  9. Ultimate Nurse: Insight and information on being a registered nurse, and on being a nurse practitioner. Focuses especially on travel nursing.
  10. About a Nurse: Helpful information on nursing requirements and news about the nursing profession, including NPs.

Health Industry News and Information

A good nurse practitioner is up to date on what is happening in the world of health care and in the medical industry. Here are some helpful places to turn for the latest news and information on the health industry.

  1. Nursing News Blog: Learn about what is happening in the world of nursing, with a special emphasis on midwifery.
  2. Credentialing Resource Center Blog: News and headlines from around the health care industry, spanning different fields, including nurse practitioner issues.
  3. Health Industry News: Keep up on trends in the health industry, and learn about resources and other issues.
  4. Health Care News: Latest headlines and developments in health care policy and news.
  5. Health Care Policy and Marektplace Review: An interesting look at the health care industry, and the policies that go into it. Fascinating look at how the whole thing works.
  6. Health Beat: Maggie Mahar explores what is happening in the world of health care, and focuses on reform for the health care system.
  7. Healthcare Economist: Learn about the economics of health care, and what you can do about it for your patients.
  8. Insureblog: Offers the latest insurance headlines and provides insight into the insurance industry. A great news source for NPs.
  9. Health Business Blog: A look at health business news and topics.
  10. HealthBlawg: A look at health related law. A very helpful news site for nurse practitioners who want a better feel for health care law.
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