Top 50 Family Health Blogs


Just as many people are looking for ways of holistically treating their whole health, many families are looking for ways to be healthier as a social unit. When an entire family is working toward similar goals, it creates a better chances of success. Additionally, it means that there is a support system built in, and it can increase the ties that family members have to each other. If you are looking for ways to improve the overall health of your family, these top 50 family health blogs can help:

General Family Health and Lifestyle

These blogs address family health and lifestyle issues, providing helpful insights on family togetherness and overcoming health issues:

  1. My Family Health Blog: Discusses issues pertaining to family health and wellness, and includes news and breakthroughs in health.
  2. Family Health Guy: Offers data and commentary on family health issues and tips on improving health as a family and as individuals.
  3. Atlanta Family Health Blog: Learn about family health and wellness from this blog provided by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
  4. Your Total Health: This site from iVillage focuses on family health tips and ideas, and the latest news and information you need to keep your family healthy and well.
  5. Family Lifestyle Design: Create a great lifestyle for your family with tips from this web site.
  6. LifestyleBlog: The Birmingham Post offers a great blog on lifestyle that addresses family issues, complications and tips for better living.
  7. Family & Parenting: This lifestyle blog from MSN offers helpful hints and interesting stories on family relationships, health and more.
  8. Family Health Portfolio: This incredible blog walks you through the current state of health care and how to better manage this growing expenditure in your family.


Family nutrition is an important part of overall family health. Make sure you and the rest of your family are eating right.

  1. Kids Nutrition Blog!: Helpful hints and ideas for making meals a health and fun adventure for the whole family.
  2. Whole Family Nutrition Blog: Learn different ideas for nutritious meals. These are meals that anyone can enjoy, and that can be made for almost any occasion.
  3. Nourishing Thoughts: Learn about healthy family nutrition, and see different sections aimed at kids and parents, as well as games that can help kids learn proper nutrition.
  4. The Nutrition Data Blog: A great blog that helps you find nutrition data on labels, and discusses different foods and what is best for your family’s health.
  5. Nutrition and health eating: The Mayo Clinic offers an expert blog on eating healthy and proper family nutrition.
  6. Diet Blog: This blog is about developing health eating habits and learning how to teach your kids the right habits. Tools and tips to get your family nutrition on track.
  7. Nutrition: This blog offers helpful information on proper nutrition for the entire family.


Help your family get into shape. Even play can be a form of exercise. Learn how to get your whole family moving with physical activity.

  1. Catherine’s Family Fitness Blog: Another helpful offering from, this blog focuses primarily on family fitness and encouraging family health.
  2. Fitness Blog: This blog is hosted by, and offers tips and information on increasing family fitness.
  3. NetSweat Fitness Blog: Explores different aspects of fitness, and provides helpful tips for improving family fitness.
  4. Family Fitness: This family shares thoughts and tips on being active together.
  5. Includes helpful hints, activities and thoughts on keeping the family healthy with proper exercise and nutrition.
  6. Exercise: Keep up with the latest exercise information and techniques for the whole family.

Mental Health

Keep your family healthy mentally and emotionally. Here are some great blogs that can help you with mental health issues.

  1. Mental Health Blog: Addresses different issues related to mental health, and provides helpful hints for keeping your mental state healthier.
  2. Mental Health Blog: This offering from provides helpful insight into improving the overall mental health of your family.
  3. Mental Health Update: Includes information on mental health, including family related issues.
  4. Stigma No More: Looks at mental health, addictions and other subjects that can be of health for those who are interested in learning more.
  5. Teen Mental Health Blog: A great blog that can help you deal with issues related to teenagers and their mental health.
  6. Peter H. Donnelly’s Mental Health Blog: Resource on mental health and psychology that can help you understand and improve the mental health of members in your family.

Organic/Natural Lifestyle

Some families find it helpful and healthy to live a more organic lifestyle, or at least try to incorporate more natural elements into the lifestyle.

  1. Organic Family Living Blog: Get insight into how an organic lifestyle can be healthy for your family.
  2. Green and Natural Parenting: Learn about how to live sustainably as a family, and how it can improve your health.
  3. KIWI: This blog is offered by the makers of a magazine on natural and organic family living.
  4. Annie’s Organic Baby Blog: Learn how to raise children while living an organic lifestyle.
  5. Natural Family BLOG: One family shares its journey into the world of natural living and health.
  6. Natural Health & Organic Living Blog: A helpful blog dealing with natural health, wellness and organic living.
  7. Natural Health Alternative Blog: A look at how you can get your family into natural health and alternative health.

Men’s Health

Learn more about men’s health and wellness, so you can help the males in your family.

  1. MH Today: This is the blog offered by Men’s Health magazine. Very helpful insights into men’s health and wellness issues.
  2. Health: This topic from offers a good look at male health and wellness.
  3. Men’s Health Blog: Information on men’s health issues, and tips on how to improve male health.
  4. Male Health: A blog and forum focusing on issues that relate to men’s health and wellness.
  5. Men’s Health Blog: Another helpful look at different issues related to male health and specific problems men encounter.

Women’s Health

Learn about women’s health. Keep the ladies in your life healthy and well.

  1. Women’s Health: This blog from Blisstree addresses different issues of women’s health and wellness.
  2. Womens Health Blog: Addresses specific issues related to women’s health — mental, physical and emotional.
  3. Our Bodies Our Blog: A look at the health issues that come with being a woman, and how to handle them.
  4. Women’s Health: provides this insightful blog on health and wellness for women.
  5. Well Woman Blog: Updates, headlines and more related to being healthy and well as a woman.

Children and Teen Health

Get information and more on how to keep children and teens healthy. Important information for keeping the whole family well.

  1. Children’s Health Blog: Headlines, news and information on helping raise healthy children and teens.
  2. Healthy Child Healthy World: Raising healthy children and teenagers for a better tomorrow.
  3. Say Ahhh!: A great blog on children’s health policy, and what you can do to raise healthier children.
  4. Pediatrics Blog: Get helpful information on illness, treatments and health for children and teens from this pediatrics blog.
  5. Teen Health 411: This healthline blog focuses on issues that are specifically related to teen health.
  6. Fabretto Children’s Health Blog: Get stories about children’s health from around the world, and pick up more information on what you can do for your children.
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