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Top 40 FNP Job Listing Sites – Online FNP Blog
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Top 40 FNP Job Listing Sites


One of the trends in the health care industry is an increase in FNP jobs. Family nurse practitioners can act as primary care providers in many states, and even in states where they cannot have their own practice, they can still help ease the load placed on medical doctors. In a society where general practitioners are becoming increasingly rare, FNPs can actually help fill the gap.

An FNP career is one that can be rewarding and one that can offer reasonable compensation. Because nurses of all types — including nurse practitioners — are in demand, it is possible to access a number of opportunities. If you are looking for a job as a family nurse practitioner, you might want to check the following 40 job listing sites:

FNP and Other Nurse Practitioner Listings

These are job sites specifically aimed at family nurse practitioners, or at nurse practitioners in general. These web sites can include good career information, as well as offer a variety of job opportunities in different locations.

  1. NPJobs.com: These are jobs aimed at family nurse practitioners, as well as other NPs.
  2. Nurse Practitioner Jobs!: This listing site from Smith & Associates Health Care Placement can help you find FNP jobs, as well as other specialized nurse practitioner jobs.
  3. NPCanada: If you are looking for FNP jobs in Canada, this is a good place to start.
  4. Nurse Practitioner Jobs: This site from NP World offers some great job opportunities.
  5. Nurse Practitioner: This search on LocumTenens can help you find the latest NP and FNP jobs.
  6. AdvancedPracticeJobs.com: You will find advanced practice jobs, such as FNP job listings, on this site along with physician assistant jobs.
  7. PAworld: This job site is aimed at physician assistants, but it also includes NP listings.
  8. AdvancedPractice.com: You can get helpful information on career and jobs with this placement company that specializes in nurse practitioner jobs and PA jobs.
  9. ENP Network: Find numerous nurse practitioner and family nurse practitioner jobs with help from this database.
  10. iHireMidLevelPractitioners: This site is aimed at those, like FNPs, who can handle a certain level of autonomy.

Nursing Job Boards

You can also find FNP listings on general nursing job boards. These job listing sites focus on nursing careers, and many of them include FNP listings. It’s also a great way to connect with other nurses and nurse practitioners.

  1. NurseYourFuture.com: A job board for registered nurses and nurse practitioners.
  2. NursesRx: A great travel nursing job site. Includes plenty of jobs for FNPs.
  3. Nursing Job Source: Great nursing jobs, nurse practitioner jobs, and career advice.
  4. Best nurse jobs: Look for nursing jobs, and FNP jobs, from around the country.
  5. Nursing Jobs: Nurse-recruiter.com offers job listings for nurses, including travel nursing.
  6. NursingCrossing: Family nurse practitioner jobs, as well as other available nursing jobs around the country.
  7. Jobs on Allnurses.com: You can go through the job listings on this board at the well-known Allnurses.com.
  8. RN Jobs Finder: Look for different jobs for RNs and NPs.
  9. Nursing Jobs Resource: You can get helpful information on applying for nursing jobs, as well as see nursing boards by state, and find jobs.
  10. RN Wanted: Look for nursing jobs, including family nurse practitioner jobs, around the country.
  11. Nursing Jobs: Different nursing jobs from the popular Nurse.com/

General Medical and Health Care Job Listing Sites

In addition to nursing job boards, there are a number of job listing sites aimed specifically at those in a variety of medical careers. You can check these medical job listing web sites for jobs aimed at nurse practitioners. These can be helpful since many general medical boards will include job openings for FNPs that can act as primary care providers.

  1. Advance for Health Care Jobs: Find a number of jobs in health care.
  2. AllHealthcareJobs.com: Look for FNP jobs amongst other health care jobs.
  3. Absolutely Health Care: Find jobs in different health care fields, including FNP jobs.
  4. Hospitalist Working: A great place to find jobs if you are interested in finding a job a FNP in a hospital.
  5. Hospital Jobs Online: Helpful place to start when looking for hospital jobs.
  6. HealthcareJobsite: Just what it sounds like — a place for health care jobs, including for NPs.
  7. Health Care Job Listings: Find FNP listings among other health care job listings.
  8. Health Career Web: You can find career advice, forums and job listings on this web site.
  9. MedZilla: A number of job listings in the medical field, and a variety of health related jobs.
  10. CompHealth: Job listings for nurses, FNPs, assistants and other health care professionals.
  11. Healthcare at Monster.com: Monster has an entire section devoted just to health care jobs. Perfect for finding FNP jobs.

General Job Listing Sites

Of course, you can also expand your job search to include general job listing sites. These bigger sites might be able to provide you with opportunities that are missing from the niche sites. Check these sites out for a more general overview of what is available to FNPs. You probably already know about CareerBuilder, Indeed and SimplyHired. Here are a few lesser known job listings sites.

  1. USAJobs: The government offers this helpful web site that can provide you with information on government jobs related to nursing or to being a FNP.
  2. NationJob: You can find medical jobs, including FNP jobs, when you use this search site.
  3. FindAJobAlready.com: You can look for a number of jobs. Post your resume, and look for jobs meant for family nurse practitioners.
  4. LocalJobBoard.com: You can use this job listing site to find FNP sites in specific states.
  5. Career Board: Look for jobs that can help you with your health care career. Find jobs in healthcare, including FNP jobs.
  6. snagajob.com: You can “snag” a job as a FNP when you make use of this site. Also allows you to start networking to see if a friend — or a friend of a friend — can help you get a job.
  7. GetJobListings.com: Look for your perfect FNP job. Search thousands of jobs, including health care jobs. There are even helpful searches that can help you narrow it down.
  8. EmploymentGuide.com: Get great tips and information, as well as access to a database of job openings, including FNP jobs.
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