Why Do You Want to be a Family Nurse Practitioner?


Why do you want to be an FNP? I always ask this question of nurse practitioner students and colleagues who tell me they want to become a family nurse practitioner.

Their reasons aren’t always compelling. “I think it will be less demanding,” “I’d really like to work with pregnant teens,” or “I think it will give me more opportunities.”

“No, why do you really want to become an FNP?” I am looking for passion, conviction and a vision.

For me, 8 years ago, working in outpatient oncology, I remember growing tired of calling the physician every time a patient needed Tylenol or a laxative. I wanted to use my brain and have more autonomy. I wanted to work 9-5 so I could spend more time with my children.

Looking back now, I realize that I really had no idea or vision for becoming an FNP.
When I graduated and passed my boards, I took my first job working in a clinic. I enjoyed helping patients in my new role but soon realized I wanted to be more than an extension of the physician. Patients wanted more too. For the first time, I looked deep within and found my “why.”

I want to help as many people as I can find affordable, quality healthcare.
I want to show patients how to reverse chronic illness and restore health.
I want to prevent cancer, not just treat it.
I want to empower patients with the latest research & information.
I want to learn and teach patients in new & exciting ways.
I want to inspire and teach FNP students to find and treat causes of illness not treat symptoms.
I want to be added to the list of visionaries who work hard every day to “improve the health of our population, our culture, our planet.”

So I ask you the same question. “Why, do you want to become an FNP?”
Why do you want to invest thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours learning to become a FNP? I must admit, there’s nothing worse than teaching unhappy FNP students. Unhappy because they don’t have a clear vision of why they are there.

If your answer is not clear or compelling, it’s time to do some soul-searching.

Find a quiet, relaxing place, free of distraction, and close your eyes.
Look within and listen to find…
Your passion.
Your vision.
Your mission.
Your WHY.

Write it down and read it every day; Staying focused will light the way.

Soon, you’ll be among the list of visionaries who work hard every day to “improve the health of our population, our culture, our planet.”

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