Doctors! Leave Us Nurse Practitioners Alone!


I call for a 60’s style protest.

The kind that inspired a whole generation of young people to sing songs of protest, rise against “the establishment,” willing to risk everything for THE cause.

The kind that inspired a whole generation of NPs, like Loretta Ford, who bucked the system in the 1960s to create the NP profession as a means to “really enhance health care and bring health care to more people.”

We’ve come too far to lose any ground, anywhere, now.

Last month, I wrote about Missouri Nurse Practitioners fighting to remove barriers to fully autonomous NP practice. If you missed my blog about this, you can read it here.

This month, Oklahoma Nurse Practitioners are fighting The Oklahoma Board of Medical Licensure, who wants to limit NP autonomy by requiring  physicians who supervise nurse practitioner to see their patients at least half a day every week.” Read the full Tulsa World article here.

Their reason?

“It would help limit prescription drug abuse, a major problem in Oklahoma.”

Are you kidding me?!!

This is nothing more than smoke & mirrors by the doctors who feel threatened by NPs.

First of all, it’s the DEAs job to police prescription drug abuse.

Second, there’s no evidence NPs overprescribe.

According to OK representative for the AANP, “Some of the states with the lowest rates of prescription drug abuse are also states that don’t require a collaborative agreement with a physician.”

No need to look further than the media to confirm this.

Physicians, not NPs, are notorious for overprescribing.

Anna Nicole Smith, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston – all died at the hands of DOCTORS.

In a time of great economic struggle and physician shortage, I’m outraged that physicians in rural areas are targeting nurse practitioners and their right to independent practice because of their own insecurities.

NPs  have earned patient’s trust and are the key to solving our nation’s healthcare crisis.

To try to tarnish this image and limit health care to those most in need is criminal.

In the spirit of Loretta Ford and others who’ve gone before us, we must rise against “the medical establishment” and continue to fight to remove barriers to fully autonomous NP practice.

Here is your protest song.

(sing to the tune of Pink Floyd’s, Brick in the Wall)

“We don’t need no legislation.”

“We don’t need no practice control.”

“No doc supervision ordered from the courtroom.”

“Doctors leave those NPs alone.”

“Hey! Doctors! Leave us NPs alone!”

“All in all your just another threat to us all.”


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