What Every Nurse Practitioner Grad Must Have in Their Resume


Congratulations, NP! You’ve reached the finish line. Graduation day is just around the corner.

You’ve worked so hard in school to get here.

Now you’re ready to begin practicing as a nurse practitioner.

Or are you?

If not, don’t panic!

The current job market for NPs is very competitive so it is not uncommon for new grads to feel unsure or overwhelmed about finding their first job as an NP.

To land the best Nurse Practitioner job, you need the best advice from the best in the field.

Family Nurse Practitioner and career coach, Renee Dahring, has made helping Nurse Practitioners find their dream job her passion.

An NP with experience in the nurse practitioner recruiting business, Dahring knows what employers are looking for when hiring new nurse practitioners.

She believes resume writing, interviewing, and working with recruiters are critical skills to learn.

According to Dahring, “A nurse practitioner who is looking for a job MUST have a well organized and coherent resume. Resumes for nurse practitioners are unique and require information in a specific format. “

Note: Using a general resume template from the internet is not applicable to NPs.

Instead, I highly recommend Dahring’s, Nurse Practitioner Resume Guide and New Grad Resume Sample Format. Both have everything you need to write a successful resume that highlight, The “Big Three,” your education, your experience and your credentials.

Before you start writing, she advises tailoring your resume to the employer by “researching the organization and the position they have advertised, taking that information and using it to revise your Nurse Practitioner resume so that you can best showcase how YOUR qualifications and experience meet their needs.”

If you follow the advice carefully, your resume will rise to the top and soon, you will have the NP job of your dreams.

Best of Luck!

You can find more invaluable NP job advice and tips at Renee Dahring’s website, Nurse Practitioner Job Search and connect with her on Facebook.



2012 Guide for New NP & PA Graduates online at Advance for NPs & PAs.


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