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100 Top Clinics Keeping Their Communities Healthy – Online FNP
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A medical clinic, family health office or community health center is a crucial part of every neighborhood and community. The availability of high quality health care is one of the most basic requirements for good quality of life. Nurse practitioners are uniquely situated to provide both medical support and primary care in these facilities because of their level of experience and training, but ultimately it takes a team of dedicated health care professionals with varying experience levels, skills, and specialties to keep a community healthy.

General Health Care

From neighborhood family health centers to networks of high tech providers of specialty health care and testing, these organizations are determined to keep their communities healthy.

  1. Petaluma Health Center

    Petaluma strives to provide excellent health care and education to all community members. They offer patient assistance and, in addition to their regular services, offer community fitness programs.

  2. St. Anthony’s Medical Clinic

    St. Anthony’s considers health care to be a physical as well as spiritual issue. When they address an issue with a patient, they are trying not only to heal a health issue, but also address other concerns such as finding a job or a place to live.

  3. The Austin Diagnostic Clinic

    ADC is a multi-specialty clinic in central Texas that has been serving patients with various health issues since 1952. Their primary care physicians treat the whole family, while their specialty doctors help address issues with allergies, cardiology, and urology.

  4. Preventive Medical Center of Marin

    PMCM is a clinic that truly empowers their patients, encouraging them to take an active role in their health care. This includes helping patients in becoming educated about all choices available, and creating a working with practitioners to design a health plan that works for both the doctor and the patient.

  5. Mayo Clinic

    Mayo Clinic is a leader of medical research and care in the health care industry. They are staffed with over 60,000 doctors, scientists, and researchers, and also train doctors at the Mayo School of Graduate Medical Education.

  6. Cleveland Clinic

    Cleveland Clinic offers a very informative and user-friendly website that helps by answering questions before patients see a doctor. Patients can find a doctor by specialty, look up health information alphabetically, and see relevant health news.

  7. Northwest Regional Primary Care Association

    The NRPCA is a network of healthcare providers in the regions across Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington. Their focus is strengthening Northwest health centers through a range of programs including things like training and farm worker health coordination.

  8. Esperanza Health Center

    Esperanza Health Center is an affordable, bilingual, quality option for patients in the Philadelphia-area. In addition to primary care, they put a strong emphasis on psychological and social needs.

  9. The Steadman Clinic

    The Steadman Clinic is a renowned orthopedic clinic in Colorado. They specialize in injuries in the foot, knee, ankle, hip, shoulder, and spine, and their treatments and research has helped further advance orthopedic medicine.

  10. Morris Heights Health Center

    Since 1993, Morris Heights has provided their community – including the socially and economically disadvantaged – with distinctive care. They promote change and inclusiveness as core values to competent care.

  11. Sansum Clinic

    Sansum is a 92-year-old health care provider on the coast of California. They have 20 locations in areas throughout the Santa Barbara area, and over 150 doctors with varying specialties who can address any patient need.

  12. Longevity Health Center

    Longevity Health is a holistic health based center. They focus on not just the relief of symptoms but true cures by detoxifying the body and finding all underlying causes of health problems such as headaches, allergies, and chronic pain.

  13. Piedmont Health

    Piedmont Health has been serving 14 counties in North Carolina for over 40 years. In addition to preventative and general health care, they offer nutrition education, disease management, dental care, and access to an on-site pharmacy.

  14. Longevity Medical Clinic

    Longevity Medical Center focuses on the golden years of life. They are a membership-based health care center that deals with the concerns and particular health issues of aging and offers longevity solutions to their patients.

  15. Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center

    Virginia Garcia provides healthcare services to more than 35,000 patients a year. They also provide outreach to schools, community health fairs and to migrant and seasonal farm workers through their mobile clinic.

  16. Butler County Health Care Center

    Butler County Health Care offers quality services for patients in a rural area. They are located in a small town in Nebraska, but still offer the latest technologies and a newly remodeled facility.

  17. Clarinda Regional Health Center

    Clarinda’s mission of exceptional health care began in 1939. Since then, they have created two rural clinics in Iowa which are accessible to patients and offer unmatched family care.

  18. Center for Connected Health

    The Center for Connected Health is a division of Partners Healthcare, which was founded by Harvard Medical School, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and Massachusetts General Hospital. They have been using research and technology to deliver health care solutions for over 18 years.

  19. Henry County Health Center

    Henry County Health Center has been treating patients in Iowa since 1921. They offer acute care services, and also have a long-term care facility.

  20. Gifford Medical Center

    Gifford Medical Center offers substantial diagnostic technology for their patients. Since 1903, they’ve added a CT scanner, a mobile MRI units, a filmless radiology system, digital mammography, and more.

  21. Lexington Clinic

    Lexington Clinic is Central Kentucky’s oldest and largest multi-specialty group since 1920. About 150 doctors in various specialties see about 2,000 patients a day.

  22. Michigan Primary Care Association

    Michigan Primary Care Association focuses on affordable and comprehensive health care in the urban Michigan communities. They are involved with 35 health care organizations who help over 600,000 Michigan residents each year.

  23. Path Health Center

    Dr. Rooks works to treat diabetes and thyroid problems. Through thorough analysis of underlying cases of health problems, testing, and dietary and nutritional assessment, patients are treated as individuals with unique needs.

  24. Wheeler Clinic

    Wheeler Clinic is an organization that specializes in mental health, substance abuse, recovery, child welfare, and prevention and wellness programs in Connecticut. Their programs and specialists serve 30,000 people a year.

  25. Sudbury District Nurse Practitioner Clinics

    Nurse practitioners working for the Sudbury Districts help with immunizations, nutritional assessments, and lifestyle counseling. They also work with people enrolled in programs such as diabetes support and smoking cessation.

  26. Wyndgate Health

    Wyndgate Health focuses on functional medicinal solutional, including orthomolecular, and is working to set the standard for treatment leadership, as well as patient care. They’re currently working on initiatives to drive more effective behavioral and mental health programs, all from their office in St. Paul, Minnesota.

  27. APAIT Health Center

    Located in Los Angeles, APAIT Health Center focuses on improving the quality of life in Southern California, particularly in undeserved communities or those with HIV/AIDS. The website includes a number of resources for patients, along with links to informative health publications.

  28. Pella Regional Health Center

    Pella Regional Health Center in Pella, Iowa is a non-profit health care provider that has operated since 1960 and is accredited by The Joint Commission. It operates as a Critical Access Hospital, with 25 acute-care beds.

  29. Kootenai Health

    Koontenai Health in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho has been awarded for their work in healthcare, their community, and has even been voted a “Best Place to Work” by Modern Healthcare. Among a large number of services provided, they also work with students and health care professionals from around the country.

  30. Common Ground Health Clinic

    Common Ground Health Clinic operates in New Orleans, Louisiana and works with patients in wellness Programs, women’s health, and herbalism, as a few of their services, to provide members of the community often less exposed to quality health care.

  31. Native American Health Center

    Native-American Health Center is based in the San Francisco area, with offices in Oakland as well, and works on enriching the community through the number of health services they provide. Additionally, they have services to work with youth and ensure all members of the community are given the nutrition and fitness advice desired.

  32. People’s Health Clinic

    People’s Health Clinic is a community-focused healthcare initiative based in Deer Park, Utah. They provide general medical care, along with pediatrics, prenatal, and chronic disease care. They’re active in the community, often involved with events. Interestingly, they started their operation as a portable health clinic in a large truck.

  33. Neighborhood Health Clinic

    Neighborhood Health Clinic was founded in 1999 to provide quality healthcare with a focus on low-income members of the community. They’re located in Naples, Florida and also have health initiatives focused on breast health, smoking cessation, and diabetes prevention.

  34. The Doleys Clinic

    The Doleys Clinic in Birmingham, Alabama works with patients through medical services, as well as mental health counseling. They also offer a wide range of treatment programs for ailments, such as migraines, but also wellness programs just to live better.

  35. Gulf Coast Health Center

    Gulf Coast Health Center has four locations in Southeast Texas and provides family medicine, women’s health, mental health, and dental services. They allow patients to schedule appointments online and work with the uninsured to provide low-premiums.

  36. Hannibal Clinic

    Hannibal Clinic is based in Hannibal, Missouri. They specialize in areas ranging from audiology to neurology to urology. A wide range of facilities located around Missouri are part of Hannibal Clinic and they have partnerships with many more.

  37. Our Lady of Hope Clinic

    Our Lady of Hope Clinic, located in Madison, Wisconsin, is a community-focused clinic with support for the uninsured and a large program for women’s health. They strive to differentiate themselves from other clinics by staying family focused with prompt accessibility to services.

  38. Watson Clinic

    Watson Clinic is located in Lakeland, Florida and has accreditation for the overall clinic, as well as the radiology and women’s health departments. They also publish a magazine with the latest in health news.

  39. Hope and Health Clinic

    Hope and Health Clinic in Pensacola, Florida is a faith-based clinic that works with those can’t afford health care or who are uninsured. They have a selective number of specialty care options, such as rheumatology, neurology, women’s health, and massage therapy.

  40. Mission Life Center

    Mission Life Center in Fairfax, Virginia that has three primary focuses for the community. They aim to provide local community service through soup kitchens and nursing home work, they promote global awareness for different issues, and help fund and execute mission trips, locally, and abroad.

  41. Boice-Willis Clinic

    Boice-Willis Clinic is located in eastern North Carolina and is made up of over 60 physicians representing 16 medical specialties. Clinic services include health education, an endoscopy center, physical therapy, along with pediatrics, and a comprehensive primary care center.

  42. Traverse Health Clinic

    Traverse Health Clinic has been around since the mid-1970’s and is based in Traverse City, Michigan. A majority of the patients served are uninsured, but they also serve medicaid and medicare patients as well.

  43. Vreeland Clinic

    Vreeland Clinic in Norwich, Vermont aims to provide comprehensive health care services to patients and focuses not on singular parts, but on the human body as a whole. They specialize in treating a number of ailments and include a blog to stay up-to-date and treatment info to paint a complete picture as to what to expect from them.

  44. Remnant Health Center

    Remnant Health Center in Chandler, Arizona works to set new standards in health care and focuses extensively on empowering individuals. They have practical care services, along with a medical spa and energy medicine. Their blog looks at different health issues and the site has a health assessment as well.

  45. Whittier Street Health Center

    Whittier Street Health Center in Boston, Mass has a primary goal of providing the highest quality health care and support services, regardless of income. They also have specialized clinics and a number of events and mission-based services.

  46. Riverside Regional Medical Center

    Riverside Regional Medical Center, located in Newport News, Virginia, started serving the Virginia community in 1916, moving to their present location in 1963. They have a large amount of experience in emergency care, treating over 57,000 emergencies annually. They also provide nutrition services, among regular primary care and specialization services.

  47. Crider Health Center

    Crider Health Center in Wentzville, Missouri helps local community members by providing the highest quality medical services, including primary care, behavioral health, children’s services, and dental work.

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Family Health Offices

Many medical offices hire nurses and doctors with specialties in treating every age group, so that the clinic can help entire families keep healthy from childhood through adulthood, and even generation to generation.

  1. Thrive: A Family Health Center

    Thrive Family Health focuses on a holistic approach to health care. They use chiropractic techniques and other homeopathic techniques to remedy pain and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

  2. Cassopolis Family Clinic

    Cassopolis Family Clinic has a long history and an even longer list of services. They specialize in treating the whole family, so they have doctors for gynecology, family medicine, behavioral health, dentistry, and more.

  3. Entira Family Clinics

    Entira Family Clinics has 12 clinics in the St. Paul region that specialize in family medicine. Their comprehensive care means they can see both adults and children for injuries or preventative care.

  4. Queens Care Family Clinics

    QueensCare Family Clinics are dedicated to providing the best medical care to clients from their communities, regardless of their ability to pay. Their commitment to treating the underserved community-members of the greater L.A. area is a great example of how a medical facility can be a leader in developing and improving a community.

  5. Clinic Ole

    Clinic Ole offers medical, dental, obstetric and gynecologic services to their entire community. Historically, the clinic’s main clientele was agricultural migrant workers in Napa Valley, but the anyone can get what they need at a cost they can actually pay at this community focused clinic.

  6. Mankato Clinic

    Mankato has 10 locations across Minnesota. Their modern website offers online scheduling and bill pay, as well as an event calendar that has childbirth classes and bipolar support groups listed.

  7. Camelback Health Care

    Camelback focuses on both men and women’s health issues, as well as whole family health and anti-aging and wellness. Their website is frequently updated with medical news and relevant patient information.

  8. Center for Family Health

    The Center for Family Health consider themselves advocates for patient care. They make patient care a priority by keeping their patients informed and their clinics featuring the top of the line technology and resources.

  9. Atlas Family Health Center

    The Atlas method is very specific health care method involving chiropractic techniques. The doctors who practice with Atlas believe that these manipulations can lead to pain-free living and a better functioning nervous and immune system.

  10. Baylor Family Health Center at Richardson

    Baylor has been serving the Richardson community since 1987. Their comprehensive patient care plans include family care services, but also services for infants and the elderly.

  11. Goodland Regional Medical Center

    Providing care out of Kansas, Goodland’s focus is giving solid care to families. They offer classes and workshops about relevant illness issues and also resources for diet and exercise.

  12. Memphis Health Care Center

    Memphis Health Care was established in 1969 and currently provides affordable and accessible health care to families, focusing on preventative and wellness care. Some services include basics like immunizations, as well as AIDS services and other lab services.

  13. Creekside Family Health Clinic

    Creekside is a family health clinic in Alaska. They offer routine care for families, as well as ongoing care and maintenance of issues like diabetes and blood pressure.

  14. Gateway Family Health Clinic

    Gateway has been providing healthcare in Minnesota for over 40 years. Their mission is to partner with patients and build relationships which ultimately serves to create a better comprehensive health plan.

  15. Ravenswood Family Health Center

    Ravenswood appreciates their culturally diverse population and wants to create a culture of wellness in their community. They believe that their mission doesn’t just include helping the sick, but promoting health in their community.

  16. Shasta Community Health Center

    Shasta Community Health Center has been serving the surrounding areas of Redding, California since 1988. In that time, they’ve established themselves as a place of truly reputable patient care and been selected as a residency center for Mercy Family Practice.

  17. FamilyHealth Medical Clinic

    FamilyHealth Medical Clinic in Northfield, Minnesota that provides Family Medicine, Pediatrics, otolarynology, obstetrics, Surgery, and Orthopedics work to patients. They have a number of locations throughout Minnesota and have a news feed to keep patients up-to-date on the latest health advice.

  18. Parker Family Health Center

    Parker Family Health Center is located in Red Bank, New Jersey and it is a volunteer-based facility where residents of Monmouth County without medical insurance can receive treatment and care.

  19. Faith Family Clinic

    Faith Family Clinic works with individuals to make sure that all working uninsured people, including their families, are able to get the medical care they need. Based in San Antonio, the clinic works in conjunction with churches, companies, and individuals to enforce the ideals of a stable community.

  20. Foothill Family Clinic

    Foothill Family Clinic has two locations in Salt Lake City and provides a large range of health services. They cover individual health screenings, but also infant and child care, while working with patients on allergy services and radiology. The website also provides a number of tools to service patients.

  21. Bethel Family Clinic

    Bethel Family Clinic in Bethel, Alaska was founded in 1981 and even includes translations into Yup’ik where applicable on the website. The website includes health tips and an interactive calendar for upcoming events and closings.

  22. Maansi Family Health Care Center

    Maansi Family Health Center is located in Portland, Oregon and was founded by Dr. Khivan Oberoi. Patients are able to book appointments online and they offer health programs such as hormone balancing, fertility enhancement, and holistic care of skin and weight.

  23. The Everett Clinic

    The Everett Clinic has over 20 locations in the Washington State area and even have services for pharmacy needs, along with lab, radiology, vision, and hearing aid services. The also include a Community Report to inform patients of local health care initiatives, advocacy, and community engagement the clinic invests its time into.

  24. Riverview Medical Center

    Riverview Medical Center is based in New Jersey and has an extremely comprehensive list of services covered. The website has a large list of health information and up-to-date listings of events and services to look forward to.

  25. Generations Family Health Center

    Generations Family Health Center serves the Eastern Connecticut area with four locations. Their programs are typically divided into medical, dental, behavioral, and healthcare access. They also have a directory for health tips with links to additional resources.

  26. Colorado Community Health Network

    The Colorado Community Health Network is based in Denver and focuses on patient-centered healthcare initiatives. They also offer loan repayment programs that will pay back as much as $35,000 a year for employees.

  27. Health Care Center for the Homeless

    Based in Orlando, Florida, the Health Care Center for the Homeless is a non-profit institution focused on serving the uninsured and local homeless population. They provide primary care, dental work, mental health counseling, as well as substance abuse counseling.

  28. Coastal Family Health Center

    Coastal Family Health Center in Astoria, Oregon is a comprehensive healthcare center available to all, regardless of ability to pay. Among primary care and geriatric healthcare support, they also have adolescent health care services that are known for their high quality.

  29. Siloam Family Health Center

    Siloam Family Health Center in Nashville, Tennessee is a part of the Siloam Institute of Faith, Health, and Culture. Their efforts are focused on providing affordable health care for uninsured people, but aside from medical and emotional, they also work with patients to foster a better spiritual and social life.

  30. Kalamazoo Family Health Care

    Kalamazoo Family Health Care helps community members in Western Michigan with seven locations. They have an extensive community outreach program and multiple initiatives focused on fostering a more intuitive connection of the health care center and the community.

  31. Lebanon Family Health Services

    The Lebanon Family Health Services in Lebanon, Pennsylvania works with the community to provide reproductive healthcare, prenatal care, a clinic for teenagers, as well as WIC support.

  32. Venice Family Clinic

    The Venice Family Clinic in Venice, California is a well-equipped institution that has a total of eight locations throughout Los Angeles County. The site keeps patients up-to-date with news and events to stay connected to the community. They speak Spanish and have a news section to inform of the latest happenings.

  33. United Family Medicine

    United Family Medicine in St Paul, Minnesota is focused on leading the field in what health centers are capable of providing to their communities. They have primary care with physicians on-site 24 hours a day, mental health services, as well as mental health care and disease screening.

  34. Cumberland Family Medical Centers

    Cumberlande Family Medical Centers has 7 locations in Kentucky and they work on services including X-Ray, Pharmacy, Mental Health, Dental Outreach, and an extensive community outreach program.

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Free Clinics

Free clinics provide much needed care and treatment to those who can’t afford it or don’t have health insurance. When the safety nets of Medicare and Medicaid can no longer protect someone,the services offered at a free clinic can be truly life saving.

  1. Augusta Regional Free Clinic

    Augusta has been serving under and uninsured communities of Virginia since 1993, when they took the motto “helping those trying to help themselves.” Their services include general health check-ups, screenings, and dental care.

  2. Dr. Mary Ludwig Free Clinic

    The Dr. Mary Ludwig Free Clinic is a new clinic that aims to continue the mission of the Christian Nursing Service that has operated out of a Montgomery County church since the 1960s. While the Dr. Mary Ludwig Free Clinic is not yet operational, it’s mission to serve the poor and uninsured population of Montgomery county – men, women, and children, is crucial to the community, and a testament to the most valuable application of medical skills and resources. Without clinics like this, and the volunteers and donations that will soon bring the clinic online, many poor and uninsured community members would go without health care.

  3. Lloyd F. Moss Free Clinic

    Founded in in 1993, this clinic provides free health care in Virginia, focusing on prevention and patient education, as well as treatment of illness, disease, or injury. Qualifications for services include being uninsured and an income level that is 150% of the federal poverty level.

  4. Smith Medical Clinic

    Smith Medical Care provides a warm environment and quality care to those who cannot afford medical services in the Georgetown County area of South Carolina. The consistent giving of donors allows this clinic to continue to serve the 37% of Georgetown County that is uninsured.

  5. Stehouwer Free Clinic

    The Stehouwer Free Clinic works with the economically disadvantaged that lack access to proper healthcare. Serving the Cadillac, Michigan area, they aim to help foster a healthier community from the bottom up.

  6. Ashe County Free Medical Clinic, Inc.

    Ashe County Free Medical Clinic, Inc is devoted to working with those who lack the finances or insurance to get the healthcare needed. They’re located in Jefferson, North Carolina and are active in supporting the low-income parts of their community.

  7. Schenectady Free Health Clinic

    The Schenectady Free Health Clinic is focused on the uninsured population of Schenectady, New York and is open on Mondays and Thursdays from 1-5 pm.

  8. Lackey Free Clinic

    Lackey Free Clinic in Yorktown, Virginia is an outreach of Olivet Medical Ministry and is focused on promoting strong community values by providing free healthcare for citizens who lack proper insurance or financial means.

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Community Health Centers

Community health centers are not only places to get treated for medical problems, but places to learn. A community health center or clinic often serves as a hub of health information where people can learn new ways to stay healthy and avoid disease.

  1. Christiana Care Health System

    Christina Care Health System is an award-winning health care community that located in Delaware. They are recognized as a center for excellence in the areas of cancer, cardiology, and women’s health.

  2. Roots Community Health Center

    Roots is a community focused health care center that emphasizes access to basic services and personal empowerment. Established in 2008, they have been working to eliminate health disparities across cultures.

  3. El Rio Community Health Center

    El Rio has been providing accessible health care for over 40 years in the Tucson community. Their primary patients are special risks groups such as children, AIDS patients or homeless people who need medical and dental care.

  4. Bridge Community Clinic

    Bridge Community Clinic focuses on serving under and uninsured as well as self-pay and undeserved patients in the Marathon County area. Some of their services include behavioral health, pregnancy care, and emergency dental care.

  5. Mid-Atlantic Association of Community Health Centers

    MACHC’s primary mission is to serve sustain primary care across the Maryland and Delaware areas. For over 29 years, they have been committed to making health care accessible and affordable.

  6. Ohio Association of Community Health Centers

    The community health centers in this network have made a real difference in the health care in Ohio, including fewer ER visits, shorter hospital stays, and better care of the uninsured. Because these centers also employ so many medical professionals, they also have a positive impact on the economy of Ohio as well.

  7. Legacy Community Health Services

    Legacy Community Health Services works with patients on pediatric care, adult primary care, OB/GYN, dental, and even vision services. They work extensively in their communities and often have outreach events to foster a caring environment between those they interact with at their health center.

  8. Edward M. Kennedy Community Health Center

    The Edward M. Kennedy Community Health Center in Franingham, Mass is a multi-site, full service provider of primary care, medical specialties, dental, behavioral health, and social services for those in Central and West Massachusetts.

  9. Coalition of Community Health Clinics

    The Coalition of Community Health Clinics in Portland Oregon is a network of 14 private non-profit health clinics. Their chief mission is to foster cooperation among member clinics and enhance the accessibility of healthcare to low-income or otherwise vulnerable members of the community.

  10. Santa Rosa Community Health Centers

    The Santa Rosa Community Health Centers are community focused institutions that provide family planning, HIV care, mental health, and pediatrics services, among others. They also aim to provide patients with low income resources for receiving care needed.

  11. Summit Community Care Clinic

    Summit Community Care Clinic in Frisco, Colorado is a community-focused clinic. While located in Summit County, many patients will come from lower-income areas in surrounding counties to receive proper care from a quality clinic.

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